About Us

Why we made Trafficboostup.com?

Why we made Trafficboostup.com?

Trafficboostup.com is made to help new bloggers and webmasters to get genuine traffic to their website and boost up their alexa rank as well as SEO rank in Google.

It is world's first auto plus manual traffic exchange website where you get the live proof of traffic you get to your website.

How we come up with the idea?

When we started your first blog. We faced many problems like Quality Content, Monetization and Traffic . When we successfully gathered Quality Content. We found problems in Monetizing your blog with Google Adsense because of the rules and regulation Google used to approve the blog. And the most important one is traffic. As there was no traffic or less traffic we were not able to earn any revenue.

After taking seminars and workshop on earning money online. We found that many new bloggers face same problems as we faced. So we build Trafficboostup to help you in getting your adsense account and get traffic to earn revenue and to boostup your page rank in Search Engine.

Word of the Blogger who earns 10000+ per month from Indian Traffic

According to me, there are million of bloggers quit blogging because they don't think about the root for earning money online that is traffic and you know more traffic means more earning, may be you will go for PPC, may be CPM, may be to affiliate marketing.

But, dear the root cause still in dark, if you want to drive traffic then you need to write good quality articles, here almost all newbies fails because it takes lot of effort, hard work, that's why they don't work here, just looking for earning, I know it is really difficult to work for anyone without money is really make people frustrating, but sometimes we work for free right, do you know why?

How Trafficboostup.com Can help You?

  • To boost up your traffic and ultimately your revenue.
  • To boost your alexa rank.
  • To boost your page rank.
  • And many more..