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Why Do I Need Website Traffic? - TrafficBoostup

Why Do I Need Website Traffic?

The simplest Answer is to boost the rank of your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other Search Engine. All these companies record your traffic statistics so they can fine tune their algorithms and rank sites or pages with more traffic higher than others with less traffic.

Traffic Exchange provides traffic to web pages and sites by Real Users and not bots to ensure you always get Quality Traffic to your Website And this is done through continuous monitoring of the user. No other Traffic Exchange provides Genuity and clarity as Trafficboostup.com. Take A look at your features below.

What is a traffic exchange?

You visit My site And I will Visit Your Site

A traffic exchange is a technique which is used by bloggers and webmasters to get traffic to their website by visiting others website And for this, Each person earns points by visiting other websites and In turn, they can use those points to get visitors on their own websites. And the cycle continues.

What is a traffic exchange ?

Features Overview

Our features help you get quality relevant traffic to your site

Verified User with Manual Approval of Website.

Admin will manually check the website links and approve user account only after telephone verification or Whatsapp verification. Accounts will be approved by admin.

Geo Target Auto Surf Traffic

No bots just real human Traffic with results and proof

Many Other Manual and Auto Traffic exchange promises you to give you real human traffic but are they doing it. Trafficboostup gives you Real Human Traffic with Results and Proof.

Custom White Label Auto Surf Traffic Source

User Interaction (Whatsapp, Telegram)

The user can interact with each other to solve doubts and problems directly in Support groups formed with you. To get the best and effective results.

Custom White Label Auto Surf Traffic Source


You decide where your traffic comes from, Google, Facebook, Instagram,? Or maybe you want to enter your own or just want direct traffic? You decide!

Reduce Bounce Rates for Traffic Exchange


Pick and choose what keywords you want to rank for and website traffic for that keyword will appear on your Analytics dashboard

Choose Session Duration of Auto Surf Visitors


You can set what per cent of visitors you would like to navigate to another page on your website or click a link on the page. This reduces bounce rates which is a big factor of quality traffic in algorithms.

Scalable high traffic traffic exchange


Make Visitors stay as long or short as you like, or pick a range so it appears more random and natural.

Boostup Browser for the RankBoostup Traffic Exchange


Choose how many hits you want per day. Most traffic exchange sites limit you to 10,000 hits but we have no limit and consistently deliver more!

Scalable high traffic traffic exchange


We have our own auto-surf browser which helps with earning you as many points (or minutes) as possible. It is based on Google Chrome and automatically goes through and browses sites on the exchange. It is run as a separate programme so you can leave it running in the background while you work.

Boostup Browser for the RankBoostup Traffic Exchange


You can choose to be notified when your points/minutes fall below a certain level. This is helpful to make sure that your website hits stay consistent.

Scalable high traffic traffic exchange

Real-Time Problem Solving 24 hour support.

We have set up a support team that is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about trafficboostup directly to your Whatsapp group or Facebook group.